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                                       VERIFYING REPORTER FOR PROCEEDINGS
1. Verify reporter's name contained at the end of the clerk's minutes for the date of proceedings on the court docket to make sure you are contacting the correct reporter present that day.  

2. If "D.Gale" or "Debbie Gale" is listed as the reporter, you can file a transcript request on this website or request a transcript in writing (see Accepted Transcript Order Methods below).  If another reporter is listed, contact that reporter directly.  A link to the court reporter phone & e-mail list is below. Reporter Phone & Email List

Note:  "C/S"  initials refer to the CourtSmart system being used in lieu of a live court reporter.  Instructions for CourtSmart proceedings can be found on the court website at: under Clerk Services:  Court Reporter/Recorder Transcripts.  You can click on this link to go directly to the instructions on the court website:

Transcript Order Form G-120 must be e-filed through the Case File/Electronic Case Files [CM/ECF] system before any transcript request can be processed.

CJA Counsel, please submit your G-120 form through the Central District of California e-Voucher System.