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Information Needed

  • Case No.  and Case Name
  • Transcript date(s)
  • Contact Person/Phone#
  • Billing information
  • When needed
  • Format(s) & Delivery (see box right)


Accepted Transcript Order Methods

  • Website      Transcript Order Form (tab above)

  • Fax:             714-558-8144

  • Standard Mail:      c/o U.S. District Court
                                       411 W. 4th Street, Rm 1-053
                                       Santa Ana, CA 92701

  • Form G-120:    File on court website & notify reporter. 
Formats & Delivery

​        24 hours 
        7 days 
        14 days 
        30 days (standard)        

        Electronic:  pdf or ascii
        Hard copy:  full size or condensed
        Any combination of the above
        Word Index (Concordance) available

        - Your FedEx#
        - Your pre-prepared FedEx label 
        - Your pre-prepared UPS label
        - Pick up from clerk's office

1. Verify reporter's name contained at the end of the clerk's minutes for the date of proceedings on the court docket to make sure you are contacting the correct reporter present that day.  

2. If "D.Gale" or "Debbie Gale" is listed as the reporter, you can file a transcript request on this website or request a transcript in writing (see Accepted Transcript Order Methods below).  If another reporter is listed, contact that reporter directly.  A link to the court reporter phone & e-mail list is below. Reporter Phone & Email List

Note:  "C/S"  initials refer to the CourtSmart system being used in lieu of a live court reporter.  Instructions for CourtSmart proceedings can be found on the court website at: under Clerk Services:  Court Reporter/Recorder Transcripts.  You can click on this link to go directly to the instructions on the court website:

NOTE:    All written requests must include the "Information Needed" below to receive the most accurate estimate possible. Missing information can cause a delay in the transcript ordering process.
​*Verbal phone orders not accepted.