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Transcript Request Form
​Transcript Information
Billing & Contact Information
Case No.:
*After confirming Debbie Gale as the reporter listed on the clerk's minutes for each date, check the box below and list up to 6 transcript dates to order.  If a specific transcript volume is requested, please indicate the volume number next to the date.  There is room to list additional dates in the Comments section (right).

Choose format.  For PDF or ASCII, list e-mail address to receive transcript. Type in "Hard copy" if paper copy requested.
Transcript format:
E-mail Address:
Appeal #:
List below any ADDITIONAL e-mail address(es) to receive transcript or different transcript formats requested.  Each will be billed at the appropriate copy rate.  Additional copy orders each include early access release on CM/ECF for an additional attorney from your firm.  Please indicate attorney(s) name in Comments section to right.
Additional Formats:

Email address and name of attorney to release to (if different from above):
If ordering hard copy/paper transcripts, please select delivery option below:
(This section is not applicable to electronic orders, i.e., PDF.)

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Acceptable Forms of Payment:
Law firm checks
Money orders 
Cashier's checks
Most company/corporate checks (check with reporter first)

Not accepted:
Direct payment from clients in the form of personal checks will not be accepted and if received will be voided and left at clerk's office for retrieval and replacement with a Cashier's check.


Bill To Name for Invoice (select one):
*When filed on CM/ECF early access to ordered transcript(s) will be released to this person.
(If different than above)
Indicate related case#/caption below (if known or applicable:)
Note: Transcript(s) not deemed ordered for delivery purposes until court reporter has personally received deposit.  Time frames below start upon receipt of deposit.
on CM/ECF for the transcript dates requested and am aware this form does not cover ordering transcripts or volumes reported by other reporters and/or recorded by CourtSmart. 
DAILY (24 hours)3 Days7 Days14 DaysStandard (30 days)
1. FedEx/UPS (Pre-prepared label to be provided via email)
2. Courier Pickup (Receive notification when transcript is ready)
3 .Bill FedEx shipping to a credit card (TBD)
4. FedEx (FedEx# to be provided)
Attorney Named aboveContact Person listed above
I have read the above acceptable payment information.
I HAVE VERIFIED D.Gale as the reporter